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People of the Sun was founded in 2019 by Crystal Squires, Mother of 3 and Wife. The idea was circulating in her mind for a couple of years but Crystal was trying to figure out how she could make a business model out of her love of salt water and sunshine. The family of five loves to travel and has a great love for Western Australia’s beaches and all they have to offer, often camping and chasing the sun, it was on one of their trips where Crystal decided that she would create reusable eco friendly products that where family friendly and could be used at home or on the road, camping etc. Being reusable made them better for the environment, while also loving fashion and accessories, Crystal wanted to integrate some material items into People of the Sun’s collection. This is NEW and exciting! not just a brand but a lifestyle, People of the Sun will bring you some beautiful and sustainable products but you will become a part of a growing community not just another customer, People of the Sun is full of education, a place where you belong, come learn about Australia, our lifestyle and culture and create some rad memories along the way ♾️


Po Box 1412
Mandurah WA 6210
“The tans will fade but the memories will last forever”
Crystal Squires
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